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Take a deep dive into our Education Directory. In partnership with Capital One, we have curated an extensive list of information and links to companies and programs dedicated to helping with the complexities of the world we live in today. With helpfulness in mind, this directory provides information on education resources, and minority-owned businesses to support.

The mission is to address the tremendous discrepancy in college graduation rates for students in Washington, DC's most underserved neighborhoods: Wards 7 and 8.

1863 Ventures accelerates New Majority (women and people of color) entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth. Their programs focus on providing access to markets, management training and money. They seek to create community and confidence to support the growth of our members – individually and professionally.

The Project offers participants ways to examine the crucial and persistent issue of racism. Working with facilitators and a well-designed curriculum, drawn from a variety of sources, participants engage in interactive experiences to examine the realities of institutionalized racism, internalized racism, white privilege, and the myths of immigration in order to understand how they feed ongoing racial injustice.